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Charisma Social is a female focused social communications agency. We unashamedly believe girls rule social. If you're willing to communicate with them in a way that adds value and enriches their lives, then your brand will reap the rewards. We invite you to come on this journey

Charisma Social can give your brand’s social communications a competitive edge with consumer insights and unique brand positioning, specifically designed with “what a woman wants” in mind. We create insight-driven social strategies and campaigns that empower women and brands and that delight and deliver results.

We are digital natives and have been for the majority of our careers. The skills we have acquired have been through hands on experience..the doing of digital. We have built our own businesses, so appreciate every nuance of investing in the long term success of your brand and business.


We are very social and share a lot of valuable information through our extended networks, so we invite you to come join the conversation.

We Specialise in Communicating with Digital Women

W e believe that expertise is more valuable than ever. Memorable customer experience lies in getting into the hearts and minds of your target audience. As specialists that is what we do. We also believe that creating dynamic digital marketing specifically for women offers untapped potential for business in New Zealand.

The economic power of women is truly revolutionary. They represent the largest market opportunity in the world. Women around the globe have more control over their life choices and path than ever before. With these choices comes a demand for relevant information, better services, quality communication and enhanced brand experiences.

In Australia, UK, USA, there are agencies and consultants dedicated to marketing exclusively to women, developed in response to the growing need of business and brands to deliver results. The blurring of technologies has created new avenues and opportunities for marketers willing to embrace the new wave of media. We are specialists in marketing specifically to Digital Women, who are the force behind online retail, brand preference, word of mouth referrals and many mainstream consumer products and services.

Plain and simple, it's what we know. It is the space we have worked in for our entire careers and it is an area that requires focus and a willingness to constantly be interested in what women want. We are that team.

We are invested in understanding women and know how to bring them to your brand-and keep them there. We are dedicated to changing the way brands communicate and engage with women and be part of that brave new world of marketing crafted with empathy and authenticity at its heart.

W e are absolutely pro-female. Call us feminists if that is defined as believing that men and women are equal. We also believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that men and women are different. They are different in ways that are distinctly relevant to your business, from product development through to marketing strategies and specifically communications. Women have a very different set of priorities, preferences, and attitudes. Their purchase decision process is radically different. They respond differently to marketing media and messages, language, and visuals. There is hard data and plenty of it to back up this observation.

Men and women perceive, believe, and behave in ways unique to their gender.Aligning your brand with your female audience's perceptions and preferences is what will define the success of your marketing communications, specifically your social media campaigns. Brands need to get savvy in how women make decisions, what motivates their purchases, and how they respond to marketing differently than men.

In as much as men and women are different, women are different from each other. Understanding this is key to successfully resonating with women. One thing that women have in common, without fail, is that women want to be listened to and understood. They want to be heard. They want to feel that their opinion matters.

If you’re committed to truly connecting with your female target audience, it’s going to take a long-term approach with ongoing re-engagement, but it will deliver long term rewards. Once you genuinely make a brand connection, women stay more loyal and are more likely to recommend those brands to others.

The key marketing-to-women opportunity is making your target female customer experience so amazing that it generates positive word of mouth and brand advocates for your business and product.

W e have all heard the oft-quoted adage, “men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” used to denote the fact that men and women may not always see completely eye to eye. Well in the world of digital this rings very true. From online to social media to mobile, Men and Women use and engage with technology in different ways and for different reasons.

According to Shelley Zalis, CEO of Ipsos OpenThinking Exchange, women are more visual and narrative driven. "Women also love visuals and stories,not just features on a checklist, but things that really let them see value in their lives. Women are not looking for tech for technology's own sake but rather for simplicity, usefulness," she said.

Weber Shandwick partnered with KRC Research to conduct Digital Women Influencers, an online survey of 2,000 North American women. The purpose of the study was to identify segments of women who are influential in social media and to provide new and unique insights about the female market as marketers and communicators evolve their strategies in this new era of digital engagement.

Men and women are different. There is a mountain of research and information to back up that fact and furthermore from a digital perspective, their differences will be the difference in whether you engage with them or not.

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