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Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy

The ability for a small business to send their product message around the world and translate that into online sales is without doubt a recent and, still astonishing, phenomenon. When “Marketing to Women” this opportunity has a multiplier effect. What women buy, women "sell"; when they're pleased with products and services, they talk about them to others-men and women alike.

The research is overwhelming. Marketing to women, when done correctly, is incredibly powerful. The whole "Women's Thing" has been proven to be a massive opportunity.
Getting it right, starts with a solid and relevant digital strategy. We believe that you need to first define a specific digital plan and then integrate that into your marketing strategy.

Competition in the online space is fierce, so now, more than ever it is imperative to build a strategic approach to your digital marketing.

These are the stages that we take your business through to develop the strategic plan:
Review target market and set clear objectives
Clearly Define your online audience potential
Create digital strategy
Select the most appropriate digital channels
Implement and manage digital marketing communications

Market Research
Market Research

There is extensive international research on the benefits to business of specifically crafting their marketing messages with "what a woman wants " in mind. We look at how brands can successfully engage women today – taking into account women’s changing needs, expectations and experiences.

Gender motivates much of human behavior, but cultural sensitivities prevent these differences from being commonly discussed or explored. We are committed to changing that conversation.

To communicate effectively with a female target market, you need to really take the time to understand her. Sigmund Freud died, aged 85 without ever answering the question "What do women want." We have invested our time in researching and understanding her purchasing behaviour, her priorities, her needs and wants, her social triggers, digital habits and social sharing patterns. The findings are enlightening and give our services a laser focus.

The amount of money spent on customer research rises every year, yet the disconnect women feel with advertising is growing. We ensure that the research is translating into successful marketing campaigns specifically created for women.

We draw upon over a decade of professional experience and recent research (our own and others’) into what works and what doesn't. Our focus and expertise is the digital and social world of the modern women.

We can work with you to define and deliver the information that matters most to your business. We also work with research partners to craft bespoke surveys to get the answers that you need most and assist in planning, communications and marketing.

Website Development
Website Development

We work predominantly with wordpress because we believe that it is a platform that creates beautiful, SEO friendly websites. The CMS is well known and used, so in our experience it is easier for clients to maintain content with limited training and ongoing costs.

We have experience in developing content rich, engaging websites that deliver results.

Wordpress Development Services:
Website Audit
Google Audit
Website Strategy
Project Management

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