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Social Media has been a game changer in the world of marketing to women. Sure, she has had access to the Internet before, but what social media has given her is a true two-way connection, support, and a network of relationships that have enriched her experience and her life. A 2013 Comscore study of worldwide females, found that women are more social online: spend a greater share of time on Social Networking, Email, and IM than Men do. The summary of findings from the report were that women were shaping the web in important ways.

Women are social communicators. Social media has brought reach, connection and engagement to the world of marketing to women. In many respects, these have always represented the core principles of marketing to women.

Our social marketing services are designed to help companies build a brand, market products and services, and manage online reputation through social networks specifically targeting women. With social media gone mainstream, women's motivations to use different tools are diverse, so we always focus on channel specific strategies. We work predominantly with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. However we have experience in campaigns across YouTube and Snapchat.

We offer the following services:
Comprehensive Social Media Audit
Social Listening and Monitoring
Conversation Analysis
Social Media Strategic Planning
Social Campaigns and Promotions
Social Display Advertising
Social Analytics & Benchmarking
Social Content Calendars
Social Media Training


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